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Bring Em Back: Nike Air Zoom Flight 5

Insects make my skin crawl. Some have one-hundred legs, and others make sounds that will keep me up at night. The insects that creep me out the most are the ones that have extra-terrestrial eyes. This phobia didn’t stop me from loving the Nike Air Zoom Flight 5 design.

Notoriously known for its royal blue ”bug eye”, the sneaker is a gem that some may have overlooked. NBA legend Jason Kidd was the point-guard sensation that made mid-tops cool to wear. In a basketball world where hi-tops reign supreme, Nike decided to make a shoe design that fit Jason Kidd’s physical stature. Signature track spikes create the ability to make instant stops without losing grip on the blacktop. Soft padding around the foot pleasantly rubs against your ankles with ease.

One day, the Nike Air Zoom Flight 5 should be brought back.

Noya | contributor

July 21, 2018


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