Villa Traxx, Vol .002

A mix of mostly 90s rap, hip-hop, and R&B. Get ready for some nostalgia. 

In this week’s playlist, the theme revolves around throwback songs ranging from the year 1980 to 2000. We appreciate hip-hop through the years, so let’s take it back to the past.

.002 | Throwbaxx

Big Poppa x The Notorious B.I.G. (1994)

Starting off a throwback playlist with Biggie Smalls is never a bad thing. This is one of those jams you know is going to become a classic. With a hint of funkiness, this smooth track is perfect to vibe to.

Gin and Juice x Snoop Dogg & Daz Dillinger (1993)

Ever gone on a midnight drive with some of your closest buddies to explore the world? This tune perfectly encapsulates that feeling. Snoop D-O-double-G ‘s suave, laid-back vocals accompany Dr. Dre’s sound to create one of the most relaxing hip-hop songs of the 90s.

Scenario x A Tribe Called Quest (1991)

Scenario is probably every break-dancer’s favorite song.  Don’t believe me? Check out this Jabbawockeez number. The first three notes hook you in to A Tribe Called Quest’s own world. By the time you’re done listening to this song, you’ll be wearing baggy pants and a bandana, wanting to do a windmill.

Rapper’s Delight x The Sugarhill Gang (1980)

Who knew a bassline could be so contagious? Put on your dancing kicks and bust a move! This song may be called Rapper’s Delight, but we all know it brings positive vibes to just about anybody.  I said a hip hop, the hippie to the hip hip hop and don’t stop…

Getting’ Jiggy Wit It x Will Smith (1997)

Apparently the 90s could not get enough of this energetic music. Will Smith, born and raised in West Philadelphia, goes off and wants us to get jiggy wit it. Looks like the Fresh Prince himself knows a thing or two about getting people on the dance floor!

Push It x Salt-N-Pepa (1980)

Get ready for a wave of vibrant club music, Salt-N-Pepa have brought the heat! We can’t get enough of that melody, whether it’s played on the distorted electric piano or on the sweet bass guitar. Keep moving forward and push it real good!

Ms. Jackson x OutKast (2000)

Not only does André 3000 have one of the most iconic verses of hip-hop in this track, the hook is catchy and we want it to get stuck in our head! With a heartfelt apology to Ms. Jackson, this is a well-produced “sorry” coming from OutKast. I’m not here to rate songs, but this is a clear ten out of ten.

Doo Wop (That Thing) x Ms. Lauryn Hill (1998)

When I think of a throwback, Lauryn Hill is the first artist that comes to mind. A true 90’s gem, Hill has created some of the best tracks in hip-hop. Perfection in music is rare, but that chorus sure comes close to it. Even Drake noticed just how amazing this song is… he sampled it!

No Diggity x Blackstreet & Dr. Dre & Queen Pen (1996)

This jawn is a complete personification of the word groovy. With voices that could cure heartbreak, this track just makes you feel good — Blackstreet doesn’t disappoint. Dr. Dre makes another appearance in this playlist, further solidifying his supreme influence on this era’s hip-hop scene.

Poison x Bell Biv DeVoe (1990)

A bop with various elements we enjoy: memorable vocals, a funky beat, and a catchphrase that will have you cautious in any relationship. This throwback is driving us out of our minds! Such a great song, you’ll be making moves in no time.

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