VILLA Picks for the 2018 NBA Draft

The NBA Draft is tomorrow night and before teams make their selections, we thought we’d make our own.  So here it is, the VILLA NBA Mock Draft.


  • Phoenix Suns – Deandre Ayton

Ayton already said the Suns are taking him, so that’s that.  Though the problem is, the Suns shouldn’t take him.  If you’ve watched the NBA these last few years, I’m sure you’ve thought, “wow the league is definitely trending towards big men, not wings that can shoot.”  Oh wait, that’s right! You haven’t thought that because the league is going in the exact opposite direction.  So yeah, anytime you can use the first pick on a big man, go for it!  The Suns should take Luca Doncic but that would imply that the Suns know what they are doing.

  • Sacramento Kings – Luca Doncic, Michael Porter Jr.

The Kings should pick Doncic, but probably won’t because, you know, they’re the Kings.  If there can be a wrong pick made at the top of the draft, the Kings will make it.  The Kings will somehow butcher this pick and take someone like Michael Porter Jr.  It’s not that Michael Porter Jr. is bad but anytime you can squander the second pick on someone coming off back surgery instead of trading back, gaining assets, and still being able to select Porter later in the first round, you have to do it.  Long live Vlade!

  • Atlanta Hawks – Luca Doncic

The Hawks will reap the rewards of the Kings inevitable malpractice.  Atlanta gets the best player in the draft and immediately takes them from awful eyesore to mediocre.  Things are looking up in Atlanta.

  • Memphis Grizzlies – Marvin Bagley III

Imagine achieving your life long dream of playing in the NBA and then getting selected by Memphis.

  • Dallas Mavericks – Mo Bamba

The Mavericks have a chance to get a good player here and if the draft unfolds through four picks the way it has in this mock draft, I can see them taking Bamba here.  They have a (squints real hard, takes a few shots of vodka) decent perimeter with Dennis Smith Jr. and Harrison Barnes.  (Comes out of a coma) Okay, no they don’t, but still.  What they need is someone down low to get rebounds and help push transition offense.  Bamba will be a project but he is versatile enough and has enough upside that he’s worth the risk, as long as the Mavericks are willing to put in the work.

  • Orlando Magic – Trae Young

This is a sink or swim pick for the Magic. Young is the most polarizing prospect in the draft and the Magic needs some sizzle.  Trae Young will either be one of the best young shooters to come in the league in recent memory or he’ll be in the G League in two years. It doesn’t feel like there is much in between with him.  This pick is a reach for the Magic, but they’ve been a dull franchise for years now and need someone like Young to get people paying attention to them again.

  • Chicago Bulls – Jaren Jackson Jr.

Jackson is probably the safest pick in the lottery this year. The Bulls will be lucky if he falls this far and should jump at the chance to take him if so.

  • Cleveland Cavaliers – Whatever LeBron tells them to do or Wendall Carter Jr.

Do anything to keep LeBron.  If he says trade the pick, trade it. If he says pick ‘X’ then pick ‘X’.  Do whatever he says in the slimmest of hopes that it entices him to stick around (he won’t, but still).  Since LeBron is all but gone, it makes sense for the Cavs to pick Carter at 8.  Carter can be the building block the Cavs need in the post-LeBron era.  This roster without LeBron is a mess and there isn’t anyone here who is a game changer.  Carter at 8 will be a ‘best person available pick’ vs a ‘need’ pick because the Cavs need everything and can only take one person so why not take the best available which also happens to be a need?

  • New York Knicks – Collin Sexton

Ahh, the dumpster fire that is the Knicks!  I can’t wait to see what they do with this pick.  The Knicks need a PG badly and Sexton should be the pick.  Last year they took Frankie Nicotine instead of Donovan Mitchell so this year they’ll probably take someone other then Sexton because of course they will– they’re the Knicks.  I hope that David Fizdale brings some respectability back to this team and the first step would be taking Sexton at 9.  The Latvian Gangbanger needs a PG and Sexton is the guy.  Don’t rook us Knicks, take Sexton.

  • Phildelphia 76ers – Mikal Bridges

In an ideal world the 76ers would trade this pick, Fultz and Covington to the Spurs for Kawhi and the Spurs would be dumb enough to take that offer but, unfortunately, the Spurs are too smart to take Fultz in any trade that didn’t also include Dario Saric.  Don’t trade Dario!  In any event, Bryan Colangelo will take Bridges with this pi… oh wait, that’s right.  Brett Brown will take Mikal Bridges with the 10th pick which makes playoff goat, Robert Covington, expendable (thankfully).  With Bridges in the fold the Sixers can offload Covington and Fultz for a six-pack of Zima if need be and start the process of winning the 2018-19 NBA Championship.



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June 20, 2018


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