Villa Presents Editorial Shoot for the Nike Air Max 1 ‘Just Do It’ Campaign

Beautifully orchestrated imagery of powerful femininity and streetwear

To capture Nike’s new Air Max 1 “Just Do It” campaign, we decided to take matters into an artist’s hands by constructing a catalog of inspiring photos. As a dramatic choice, we shot at the PAFA Museum. As so poignantly showcased in this presentation, the museum was the ideal setting. You’ll notice we set our hearts out to channeling the artistry of painters and sculptors from the modern era, dating back to the artistic Renaissance of poets, performers, and philosophy (not so much that last one, but alliteration is art).

Embracing the vividly alluring portraits of such architects like da Vinci and Michelangelo, we used our imaginary paint brushes to snap the juxtapositions of the Air Max 1/Nike apparel with a grand amount of tule for a modern ballerina– who might also be just as at ease while dominating in footwear and basketball. This goddess of footwear unveils the vibrant, orange popsicle color of the Air Max 1, a cloud of tule tutu that offsets the Nike sneakers and a long sleeve fishnet crop top, nike bra top and spandex short tights. Delicate, yet bold. Simple, yet rich and wealthy in classic taste.

As a collection of antiques and artifacts that live through the halls, the focal point is our Alex, dancing her way throughout the museum. You’ll notice an impressive layout of marble steps as our final to fully capture the artistic project of women in footwear, while re-contextualizing classical Western art. Bold, powerful declaration of femininity and sneaker culture at the heightened apex of male domination. It doesn’t get more heroic than that.

Backstory on Nike’s “Objectify Me” Campaign

In reminiscence of Nike’s “Objectify Me” advertisement dating back over 10 years ago in attempt to capture images of athletic women with all body types and their underlying beauty, we took the undeniable viewpoint of women in footwear by portraying our own interpretation of beautifully unaware subjects and sexual objectification.

The “Objectify Me” campaign exploits the twenty-first century human’s reverence of equality and celebrity. The feminine ambiance is all but prominent in the identity of the female athlete. It pushed boundaries and featured strong women like long distance running champion, Lauren Fleshman, who believed in designing shoes specifically for women, by women.

Fleshman shares her brave story to empower women in sports.

We always think we’re a little bit more ahead with feminism than we are, but the reality is we’re always going to be presented with options that are from the past, that are comfortable. We have to be the agents to help push things forward.” – Lauren Fleshman

Watch here for the jaw-dropping visual for this project. It pays to share such an experience.

The Nike Air Max 1 Lux ‘JDI’ is available in women’s sizes only, Thursday June 28th at 10AM. *See Men’s conversion chart for larger sizes.

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June 21, 2018

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