Jay Rock Releases Third Studio Album “Redemption”

In the midst of many debates about top lyricists, 33-year-old, Watts, California native Jay Rock, is often overlooked as a name that can and should be put in the running. Since 2005, Jay Rock has given listeners calculated music that embodies various west coast techniques; by combining carefully chosen beats with his rhythmic cadence and tough biographical lyrics he has become a unique veteran to the rap game.

“That voice that he got is an instrument on its own” explained Ab-Soul during the first installment of “Road To Redemption”, a YouTube series dedicated to giving an inside look to Jay Rocks growth in the industry.

While his voice alone entertains and his delivery is to the liking of a grizzly bear, his longevity is due to his consistent hard work which his label mates on Top Dog Entertainment can adhere to. For Jay Rock, being the first to release off of TDE was a blessing but undoubtedly a lot of pressure to succeed followed him considering that his successors would grow to be some of the most legendary rap artists known today (Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, SchoolBoy Q).

Since his last album in 2015 titled “90059” Jay Rock has elevated the works of other artists with various features and appearances. Quite possibly the biggest hit of the year off of the “Black Panther” soundtrack was “King’s Dead” which gave Rock the boost he needed to remind the music industry he is a force to be wrecked with. With the world fully reinvested in Jay Rock, it was perfect timing for an album release.

“Redemption” is only Jay Rock’s third studio album; released this past Friday, “Redemption” is a vulnerable collection that opens listeners up to a softer side of Rock, but he remains consistent, a perfectly balanced piece of work.

Jay Rock has given long-time fans what they know and love, refer to tracks like “The Bloodiest”, “ES Tales”, and “WIN”. Although, Jay Rock still appealed to the masses with songs that encompassed smoother flows, features with singers, and a more traditional format which can be heard of tracks like “Tap Out” featuring Jeremiah and “Redemption” featuring SZA.

With a packaged album as such, Jay Rock is breaking into areas he has never been before. It is clear that he is continuing to grow and become the artists he has strived to be over a decade ago. Jay Rock is a testament to those artists who are expecting to blow up instantaneously. While the fast track is certainly ideal to most, Jay Rock’s progression with the right people in music is gratifying to see as he is now making some of his best work at the most opportune time of his career showing that he is an artist we should never again overlook.

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