Iman Shumpert Is Officially an Artist with First EP

Basketball athlete and reality star releases EP entitled, “Substance Abuse.” Can you abuse too much of a good thing?

Iman Shumpert has been known as a dominant force and key player on the basketball court for quite some time. More recently, Iman has moved into a different celebrity spectrum with his wife, Teyana Taylor. The two, an iconic couple, including their flaws, have become role models for the youth while opening their relationship and family endeavors to the world via their reality TV show “Teyana & Iman” on the VH1 Network.

photo via VH1

Although Iman has openly spoken about how hard it has been to sacrifice his privacy, he continues to ease himself into the invasive world of pop culture. Luckily Iman has Teyana, a natural at navigating the rough waters, to steer him into the appropriate avenues. 

With this being said, Iman is learning to handle his basketball career, reality TV, media scrutiny, rumors, and now music with ease. 

The 27-year-old Sacramento Kings small forward has been working on music for some time and finally released his first EP titled “Substance Abuse”. An odd title for an athlete who stays away from most substances, but in fact Iman flips the typical meaning and proposes the question; “can you abuse too much of a good thing?”

The six-song, 24 minute EP dives into a more intimate side of Iman with a more sensual sound and less aggressive lyrics then he has previously explored within his music. Iman took his wife’s advice in making music that can transcend any hour, he worked diligently to appeal to listeners throughout the day whether during the club scene or during a nightcap. 

His raspy sound is similar to the liking of Kevin Gates, and only using slight post-production autotune on some tracks to add a layered effect.

As of now, the song “Critical” seems like it will be pushed as a single and is certainly the most enticing with “Eyes” and “Seductive” tied for a close second. Be sure to check out this well-known but new artists as he expresses himself off the court.

Anna Tsiaras

Anna is a graduate from Rutgers University where she received her B.A. in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @annatsiaras.Twitter

June 11, 2018


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