“Gorillaz” Back for Round Two with a New Album

Last year, the very British 1998 Visual Arts Band, also known as the Gorillaz, returned from a seven-year hiatus by releasing an album entitled“Humanz”, that can only be compared to as an intergalactic rollercoaster. 

From start to finish, the crew outdid themselves with hypnotizing electric beats, uncanny feature selections, and impactful political stances. With an album as such lingering closely in the review mirror and an unorthodox track record of releasing music, fans never dreamt a new album would follow so near to the last.

Which brings up “Now.” In just a few short weeks, these created characters will release another brand new album titled “The Now Now”. Being as though the album is ready for preorder, fans are able to see the 11 song tracklist and build their own speculations on what it will embody. 

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, creators of ‘Gorillaz.’

Interestingly enough, the Gorillaz have yet again reached out to various American artists while looking back at the previous album, “Humanz,” and incorporating artists like Pusha T, Vince Staples, De La Soul, Mavis Staples, and Danny Brown as some of the few to make a guest appearance. This year, “The Now Now” will include east coast rapper, Snoop Dogg, 75-year-old guitarist, George Benson, and pioneer of house music, Jamie Principle.

Possibly in more exciting news, the crew has revealed a new band member/character, Ace. Although new to the music business, Ace has lived quite the life. At age 37, he has moved past some of his more menacing crimes during his years as the leader of the “Gangreen Gang” on the show “The Powerpuff Girls” and has chosen to turn his energy to music. 


While staring in the newest Gorillaz video titled “Humility”, Ace looks incredibly more matured from his teenage years when messing with the crime-fighting all-girl trio on “Cartoon Network”. Although his cameo doesn’t necessarily display a new lifestyle of love and affection, Ace is doing the group a huge favor by covering for bass player Murdoc Niccal. Niccal currently absent from the group is allegedly dealing with undisclosed legal issues that are currently keeping him away from the band. 

In the music video, we can see Ace’s stature and cool greaser vibe is still as vibrant as it was at age 17, but he most defiantly is not completely rehabilitated from his past life; ruing a basketball game midway isn’t exactly the sweetest actions possible, but maybe the Gorillaz will help Ace find his way. Regardless of his attitude, his image is certainly a seamless fit. 

With a new single, new bad member, new features, and beautiful video in place, “The Now Now” is set to be released on June 29th and will certainly be an anticipated event. 

Anna Tsiaras

Anna is a graduate from Rutgers University where she received her B.A. in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @annatsiaras.Twitter

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