Sneaks & Style | Mary Saint Creates Art In the Converse x Golf Le Fleur

Ladies love Golf Le Fleur, too.

From a small town in Delaware, Mary Saint has quite the artsy persona that illuminates radiance in the big city. The aspiring food blogger and passionate painter has been a sneaker lover since middle school, working hard to afford the latest and greatest finds.

Her bubbly personality and youthful willingness to make a strong future for herself is all part of what makes her a perfect feature for Sneaks & Style. She is relatable, charismatic and isn’t afraid to take style risks that make her happy. She may be petite but only at 19, her drive is quite powerful.

How has the sneaker industry embraced female empowerment in this recent fashion climate/in your personal life?

Everyone assumes my boyfriend styles me or buys my sneakers and that’s frustrating. I have always worked hard to afford my own kicks. Even in high school, the guys were the ones rocking the hottest sneakers and trendy swag. I remember my first pair of sneakers being a glittery Air Jordan 1.

My boyfriend and I often disagree about what’s hot and what’s not. Take my belt for instance, he didn’t think it looked right hanging and preferred it wrapped around. Obviously, there was no vote here. I’m still learning what I like and finding my personal style, but when I like something, I don’t want someone telling me not to wear it. At some point we had to come to common ground where our personal tastes might clash but if it makes us happy, so be it. It’s also helpful to have a partner that appreciates sneaker culture as much as you do. I love that no matter our gender, we can bond over that.

What is it like growing up in a traditional Filipino family?

Being the oldest of three, I had to endure a lot of parental advisory more than my siblings. Going out late, dating, these were all things I couldn’t do much of. I’m also the only girl so my parents were rightfully more protective of me. I had to be a setting example.

As far as the Filipino culture goes, there isn’t much sneaker fashion embedded within our style. Incorporating American tradition into my family was almost frowned upon.

What’s your favorite summer activity?

I love to go to the beach! And I don’t just go, but I get in the water. However, my culture frowns on tanning and darkening your skin. It’s crazy that colorist exists in most Asian cultures and that pure or lighter skin is highly favored. I even have relatives that would go to the beach in full cover to avoid getting darker. Not I. I enjoy tanning.

What do you love most about the Golf Le Fleur?

When it comes to Converse, I’ve only ever worn the classic Chuck Taylor. This particular silhouette forced me to wear otherwise now. It’s different and stands out.

Tyler, The Creator really surprised me because I’d think he would partner with a brand like Vans. He took a fashion risk with this collaboration and made it his own.

Who or what do you look to for style inspiration?

I use Instagram as an inspiration tool for style. I love minimal, baggy, boho chic style. My thing is baggy pants and big t-shirts. Although, I’m trying to include more feminine quality into my personal style.

Does painting and artistry influence your personal style?

Being from Delaware, you aren’t likely to walk out the house to an artsy scene. My art comes from my own personal passion. I enjoy coming to Philly because there’s a diverse and inspiring demographic. I feel like I can be different here and not be judged for it.

For more of Mary’s style, follow her on Instagram @pri.mary.

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May 30, 2018

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