Uproar For Pusha T’s Latest Album ‘Daytona’

First up, one of the toughest in the game both in the streets and with a lyrical pen, as well as President of G.O.O.D. music, Pusha T.

Kanye West has been in the media often for mainly his troubling stances on politics, but in the midst of him taking the side of extremist Republican Donald Trump, Mr. West had promised to produce multiple albums for his G.O.O.D. Music label mates. First up, one of the toughest in the game both in the streets and with a lyrical pen, as well as President of G.O.O.D. music, Pusha T.

Since 2015 when Pusha T dropped “King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude” there has been silence over the passing years with the exception of a few features. In his absence, Pusha was able to live without hassle, not too many fans in an uproar for a new project until the spontaneous announcement by Kanye via Twitter informed fans of something shortly to come. Unsure if the album would be pushed to a later date or even if the two (Pusha T and Kanye) would deliver on their promise, the date of May 25th, 2018 was scheduled and time on Pusha “DAYTONA” Rolex moved effortlessly without rush.

As most of the world knows, Kanye is currently in Wyoming with family, friends, and artists, isolating himself from just about everyone and everything to be able to produce, what has been confirmed by Pusha, 35 records in total. Although, Wyoming is not where it all began, but instead in Utah at an expensive resort that Push couldn’t necessarily wrap his head around considering he was splitting the cost starting at 8-10,000 per night. The cost is all well and good but after roughly 10 days and 50 thousand dollars later, Kanye had only produced “The Games We Play” and now had his heart set out to move from Utah to Wyoming; blowing whatever budget Push may have had right out of the water.

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Nonetheless, it worked! Finishing just over a week before the promised date, Pusha headed back home to reflect on the journey he was just taken on and prepared for the media run he was about to take off on next in the midst of excited fans ready to hear what Charlamagne calls an “Adult Contemporary Trap Artist”.

Shockingly at the midnight release, the track list only held seven songs adding up to only 21 minutes flat in entirety.

“I didn’t think seven songs would be fulfilling,” said Charlamagne Tha God during The Breakfast Club interview with Pusha on Friday morning.

Push admitting his uncertainties at the time, if seven would even work, but by the end of the album, he was able to confidently rap his peace concisely with the reassurance that he would still narrowly be able to be considered for a Grammy Award.

(Grammy Award Qualifications: Five distinct songs adding up to 15 minutes in total)

The album is completely produced by Kanye West and includes two features one from Kanye on “What Would Meek Do?” And Rick Ross on “Hard Piano”. It’s a no-brainer that Kanye is on the project, but Push explained on Hot 97 that Ross is one of the few artists he is able to send a record to and have no concerns about the quality of the bars or luxury of the flow. The verse will undoubtedly come back as a perfect fit and serve its purpose. Gaining the features Pusha deemed necessary, he did wish he was able to have Meek Mill on the album but he couldn’t bring himself to ask for a verse after Meek was released from jail; unable to pull Meek away from being reunited with his family, unfortunate timing for sure. 

The album has the normal exception boom baps that are accustomed to any Pusha project. He entices his audience with luxurious drug references and distinct sounds, but what everyone anticipated is a response to Drake and the slight on and off music beef. Although Push assures that the subtle shots are only music and business related, he also believes Drake to be a rapper that cannot stand toe to toe with a pen.

stirred up controversy over Pusha T using Whitney Houston’s old bathroom as album cover.

Admitting there is nothing wrong with the way Drake has gone about his career but making clear the truth of the matter is Pusha has written every last one of his lyrics. 

In the midst of Drake actively trying to dim the light of Pusha and his “DAYTONA” album, many questions arise for Pusha and his relationship with Kanye. Despite their polar views on politics, Pusha has made it clear to align himself with parties that will move forward with prison reform and for that agenda alone, Kanye and Push do not see eye to eye, but it has not hindered their relationship as of yet. 

Seven will be a number fans will continue to see as time moves on, it has become the magic number for all of G.O.O.D. Music explained Push, each of the newly released albums on the label will hold just that amount of records including Teyana Taylor and Nas. While the albums will be short they will not be lacking each very complete and concise. In a world of people who often say too much Kanye has ironically made the decision for his artists to choose their words wisely. Be sure to indulge in “DAYTONA” and prepare for the next album to drop.

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