Migos Performs at Festival Pier in Philly

Over the weekend, rap sensation Migos hit the stage at Festival Pier in Philadelphia, PA.

Recently Migos announced their star studded tour with Drake over the summer, but despite being scheduled to perform with him at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia this September, the crew stopped by early to fulfill their tour with RapCaviar.

While it was a stormy Saturday in the Penn’s Landing sector of Philadelphia this weekend, weather wouldn’t be the only issue for the crew prior to stepping on stage.

During an unfortunate accident, member Offset totaled a Dodge SRT landing him in the hospital just hours before the show. Fans getting word of the accident only through shared pictures of the car and Offset himself displaying his injuries on his personal Instagram. While Offset is currently doing well in the hospital now, even streaming on Instagram Live early Sunday, at the time it was uncertain if Migos would still be on the line up considering RapCaviars disclaimer of interchangeable artists.

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While storms held off, fans were able to make their entrance into the venue. The crowd filled into the all standing and sandy beach type venue as quickly as possible. All eager to see the main act as well as Philly native PNB Rock.

PNB was able to excite the crowd warming them up for what the crowd was there to ultimately see, Migos. It wasn’t until about 9:15 p.m. that the stage would light up for the appearance of the crew, Quavo and TakeOff entering from stage left. The two doing their best to excite not only the crowd but themselves as well as considering their co-artists  was still fresh in their minds. Quavo stopping the show about half way through to wish Offset the best in his recovery. The two would go on to perform a variety of songs, new and old within their catalog; from “Hannah Montana” to “Stir Fry” and everything in-between. Their set was short, running roughly 30 minutes, but nevertheless gave the crowd everything they wanted to hear.

As Offset goes through his recovery best wishes are certainly being sent, it is hopeful he will have a speedy recovery and be ready to head out again on tour.

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May 21, 2018

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