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Last week, 3/2/18, Tory Lanez debuted his second studio album titled “Memories Don’t Die. The project has done well in its first week as it is expected to hit the Top 5 on the Billboard 100; but are sales moving rapidly because of Lanez’s political treaty in the industry or because he has truly earned his spot?

Despite having to postpone the albums release earlier in the year, Lanez remained diligent in his efforts to promote the album in every way possible; keeping himself and his music in a positive limelight. One of those positive tactics included the P.S.A. vlog series, directed by in-house photographer Josh Farias (@midjordan), gave fans and critics insight on Lanez on and off the stage. Each installment knocking down many of the stigmas that followed Lanez from his debut as an artist, as well as, unfolding some of the topics that Lanez would go into further detail about on the album. After all, Lanez has had loads of pressure on his shoulders to shake critics that have compared him to one artist after another, harassed him for taking shots at Drake, and about his countless skits on album number one, to name a few.

Although, “Memories Don’t Die” did nothing short of silencing naysayers throughout the fluidity of the 70 minute/18 track album, it didn’t stray far from the general style of Lanez. Listeners can count on seamless bars and sensual melodies which are known to be flawless on any of Lanez’s projects. The album encompassing more of a variety of styles and beats, all of which Lanez is capable and comfortable. Storytelling continues to remain very prominent, however, Lanez ultimately worked it in differently than on his first album, “I Told You”.

Lanez took on a role on this album to explain his new life as a artist, becoming quite vulnerable by openly admitting to his wrongdoing with artists like Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, and Drake. Lanez understanding that he too can block himself from his own blessings.

Whether listeners tuned in as heavy fans or to see how Lanez would clear that air with some of the highest ranking artists in the game, the music will not disappoint.

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What to look for:

First and foremost, Lanez has opened up to entertaining features during this album, each are very important to look for when listening. He has been particular in finding artists to fit into his style of his work, each feature adding flavor tastefully without being overbearing.

Three tracks that must adhere to special attention are as follows:
“Hate To Say”, explains how Lanez was treated in the industry, the many troubles he faced, and the turn around after mending his wrongs.

“Connection” (featuring: Fabolous, Davo, and Paloma Ford), an undeniable hit that incorporates various artists to smoothly depict a sexual love story.

“Pieces” (featuring: 50 Cent), the outstanding storytelling takes listeners through the whirlwind of a woman and a man fighting to solve what tortures them the most. The incorporation of 50 Cent intensifies the track greatly with his unexpected narration.

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