Sneaks & Style | Shamaira Brings Sass and Class to the New Air Jordan Retro 12

Sass (noun): witty, powerful female with attitude. (Synonym): Shamaira; in AJ 12 Vanchetta Tan.

Unlaced with soft suede, the new Air Jordan Retro 12 makes its debut in a women’s exclusive Vachetta Tan. Much like its unconventional silhouette, Shamaira, the 22-year-old yesteryear trendsetter, is gorgeously refined and kicking down glass ceilings. The inspiring visual merchandiser takes us through the her personal style and her ability to mix modern retro with the new Retro 12 ‘Vachetta Tan.’

You have a great way of mixing old school styles with fresh new kicks. What’s your secret?

Shopping at a thrift store, to most people, is all about picking out the best stuff. However, when I look at a retro piece and it looks like it’s straight out of that particular era, I’ll opt for something else. If it happens to transition into something that relates to current trends, I will consider it. I like to throw a modern twist to vintage finds without looking too retro.

Adding those extra details to my style is also one of my favorite hidden gems. My style is a lot more solid colors with hints of intricate details– you may see a zip here or a nice threading there. I also use to wear mainly all black, but working at Buffalo Exchange and finding many cool pieces that weren’t black really helped me expand my wardrobe.

Describe your personal style in 3 words.

I can describe it in two words: Sassy and saucy. Sassy because of my fiery personality. My slick dark hair, my long decorative nails, my rings– that’s the sauce. I also love to match my nail art to my sneakers. My motto: tips match the kicks!

How has the sneaker culture influenced women’s style today?

Back in middle school, I would wear the same Jordan silhouette with every single outfit. There weren’t many options for female sneakerheads back then. It got so bad to the point where I stopped wearing my Jordans and even sold them. This was recent, too. My love for sneakers began to fade because it didn’t seem like women had many choices in this department.

I would look at men’s fashion trends and found myself gravitating more towards it. I would tired of people telling me to be more feminine. I’d even begin mixing my baggy shirts with tights or form-fitting pants. Eventually, I didn’t care. I’ve always been a wild child, so I wasn’t about to wear what other people expected me to wear.

Jordan Brand is all about bringing back the classics. What’s your favorite retro’d Jordan?

The retro 1s. I love the classic color ways. Not a big fan of their eclectic, bright colors, but more so the OG colors.

We’re starting to see so many styles get revived on the runway and in retail (FILA, Tommy Hilgifer, etc.). What style or brand would you like to see come back?

You’re going to think this is funny, but Girbaud jeans! Marketing-wise, it would fly off the racks. With today’s trends mixed with their reflective material, it would make a perfect reintroduction.

Your most sought after item when thrifting is…

Jeans are always my go-to, only because it’s hard to find my size in regular stores. No matter what size you are on the spectrum, there is a constant struggle to jean size conversion or proportion in general. This is an issue that’s often misinterpreted, especially among women. That’s why I always felt more comfortable in men’s clothes. The focus should be more on my footwear and not my figure.

Favorite place to obtain those rare finds?

Surprisingly, Zara. Their men’s section is incredible. The simplicity, but affordability is perfect. Plus the accuracy of style and fit!

 What do you like most about the new Air Jordan Retro 12?

The first thing that sticks out is the suede. This particular material makes it look more premium, more classic. Also, the vachetta tan and white color way!

For more of Shamaira’s style, follow her on Instagram @bbygirl.sham.

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March 22, 2018

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