Jhene Aiko Doubles Up on Music Video for “Never Call Me”

The Pisces Princess drops TWO videos for her latest song from the “Trip” album.

Jhene Aiko is no stranger to expressing herself musically as well as artistically. She has been quite open about her feelings and opinions on some of the most intimate details of her life. For instance, her struggles growing up, brothers death, and relationships. So, it is no surprise that Aiko would jump at the opportunity to give fans a double interpretation of her latest single “Never Call Me” featuring Kurupt.

Early last week both videos surfaced showing a very different but equally important side to Aiko:

The first video (called the “Slauson Hills Edition”), released via YouTube, displayed her association with the city where she was born and raised, Los Angeles California. The video takes viewers through a ride of the city giving specific attention to the places, streets, and relationships that were vital during her early years. As the song plays on smoothly, viewers can look for appearances from longtime friends of Aiko, such as Nipsey Hustle and Lauren London. These relationships remind viewers of Aikos connections to the music industry at such a very young age. The video goes on to end with a voicemail by rapper Kurupt giving Aiko a pep talk on how to handle any man that will bring her unnecessary stress. Kurupt shows his loyalty and compassion in his sediments to her and explains an important lesson to women worldwide.

The second video, released via Vevo, remains more intimate and artistic as it pulls viewers into another crucial characteristic of Aiko, her Japanese descent. Draped in vibrant kimonos fitted with detailed head headdresses and expressive makeup, Aiko is able to show another side of her culture that plays a huge part in her life. Although the video builds to a scenic funeral on top rocky cliffs overlooking an angry shore, it is believed that Aiko releases a man that no longer has a hold on her. Although it may seem “crazy”, Aiko is no stranger to pushing the envelope in her visual art.


Each video gives fans a piece of Aiko that is important in understanding her story and where she stands today as a person. It is quite interesting the route she took on track but nonetheless important to continue to build her connection to supporters. Be sure to watch both videos to decipher which Aiko can be most identified with.

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