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‘Black Panther’ Animation Series Re-Launches on YouTube

Wakanda Forever…and ever and ever! To continue the Black Panther fever, Marvel recently re-launched a six episode series based on the Wakandan hero.

We can barely contain our excitement about this big news! On February 16, 2018, Marvel blessed the world with the wonder that is ‘Black Panther.’ But their blessings don’t end there. To continue the Black Panther fever, Marvel recently re-launched a six episode series based on the Wakandan hero.

This animated series was first introduced in 2011. Seven years later, we get to stream the series on YouTube…for free! The series boasts a stellar voice cast led by Djimon Hounsou, Kerry Washington and Alfre Woodard with a special appearance from Stan Lee himself.


What does this marvelous Marvel animation consist of?

Marvel Knights Animation is a 120-minute series that follows T’Challa and his road to becoming the Black panther after the assassination of his father. Along with trying to catch the culprit, T’Challa faces jealousy in the Wakandan royal court as he moves into the seat of king.

Need something to binge watch during an upcoming snow day? We got you!

Ulysses Klaw recruits a team of villains to take over Wakanda and kill Black Panther; T’Challa spars with Shuri, who is jealous of his new title; Klaw tells the story of a colonial ancestor who tried to conquer Wakanda; T’Challa deals with local issues in Wakanda and expresses his desire to find his father’s killer.

As they prepare to invade Wakanda, Klaw tells his team the story of how he killed T’Challa’s father; Queen Mother advises T’Challa to marry, and she tells Shuri the story of how he met Storm when he was on walkabout; Cannibal goes to the Vatican to recruit Black Knight.

There is a cave-in at the vibranium mine, and Shuri wants to investigate it personally; the United States government decides to enlist the help of M’Butu, the ruler of Niganda, to overthrow the Wakandan government, but Klaw gets to him first; T’Challa has a nightmare just before the invasion.

Klaw’s invasion of Wakanda continues, and the United States decides to send troops to “help” the Wakandans; using Cerebro, Storm locates Juggernaut, and she decides to go to Wakanda; Black Panther goes after Black Knight and M’Butu as air support deals with Juggernaut; Shuri hides from Radioactive Man, who is getting in position for his part in the invasion; the Deathloks are unleashed; Cannibal tries to trick T’Shan at a United Nations meeting.

S’Yan, wearing his old Black Panther costume, and two bodyguards fight Batroc and Klaw in an effort to save Queen Mother; T’Shan unwittingly flies Cannibal to Wakanda; Storm and the Wakandan troops fight the Deathloks; as Black Panther races back to Wakanda for his showdown with Klaw, he enters Wakanda’s cyber security systems to stop Klaw from taking over; Shuri fights Radioactive Man.

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March 20, 2018


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