Valentine’s Day Collection

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve amped up the cheese this year with a little V-Day Poem, VILLA style. Here goes: Roses are red, some sneakers are too. Get your loved one some VILLA gear and they’ll be nice to you! 

Love is all about showing someone how much you can spend on them right? Just kidding, but it is nice. Don’t miss out on our Valentine’s inspired gift guide for all genders. Scroll down to our leading brand on this special day at!

Nike Women’s Apparel

Play Clothes

Nike Kids’ V-Day Pack

Nike Huarache

Jordan Men’s Apparel

Pink Dolphin

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Jakaila Mustafa

Jakaila is the Editor-in-Chief for the DTLR VILLA "The Lifestyle" blog. She received her Bachelor of Arts in advertising from Temple University. Most importantly, she has a cat.

February 14, 2018

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