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Behind The Lens: Year of the Underdog

Being in the Eagles crowd during the Parade on Thursday was one of the best moments of my life! Not just because the Eagles won their first Super Bowl ever (of course) but because the entire city and more came together to celebrate one thing! People of all different races and backgrounds put their problems aside. We weren’t the violent Eagles fans that everyone thinks we are… we’re passionate, we love our city, we love our team and every bit of that showed on Thursday!

#FreeMeekIt was great watching someone toss Torrey Smith a football and seeing a live catch in action during the parade. Doesn’t look the same from Torrey’s POV after he tossed the ball back…Gave away some VILLA Gift cards! Underdogs need love too….Wasn’t the best day to wear your Good Kicks…. Every single thing that was able to be mounted was indeed mounted lol.. Their were tons of people wearing vintage eagles gear which was awesome to see! All the colors, 80’s starter jackets and most importantly the History of the Eagles!!!

Devon Dooley | contributor

Dev decided to pursue his passion in photography in 2014 and has a diverse portfolio in travel, fashion, and lifestyle. He is the social media coordinator for Villa and DTLR.

February 9, 2018

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