The Timberland Black Zip c/o Makeshift

Fashion editorials are our niche, plain and simple. Nevertheless, being given the opportunity to create the editorial for the VILLA x Timberland Black Zip was a blessing which came with its own unique challenges, yet the approach was the same—with the end goal and desired outcome(s) in mind.

The VILLA Exclusive Timberland 6″ Premium Boot “Black Zip” Modeled by: @thebprint Shot by: @TayorJr Edits by: @makeshiftdesignclub

As with most shoots, our aim is to curate a very distinct and direct vibe, one which is crisp and easily ascertained by viewers. On first sight of the boot, we were instantly reminded of goth style. The all-black upper and sole paired with the solo silver zip and Timberland tree logo made me reminiscent of followers of the “emo” trend which any high schooler has either taken part of or witnessed firsthand. That being said, we curated the editorial with that culture in mind.

Naturally, the styling was all black. Included in the styling set were cargo pants with zips that would complement the boots as well as a plain black hoodie. A flannel was included in a few shots to provide some contrast and versatility. The mood of the shots can also be described to be dark with a grungy vibe— muted colors, bland settings and stark, glaring poses by the model. An unfinished construction site was the location of choice as it brought everything full circle to the heart and soul of Timberlands as they’re first and foremost construction boots. The goal was to mix fashion with function and the styling combined with the location definitely encapsulated that goal precisely while still being subtle. With the edits, we wanted to adhere to our abstract, “cut + paste” style. Included in the edits are animations which display the shoe in a unique manner using our artistic vision… a different approach to the term “editorial”.

The Timberland Black Zip is a beautiful shoe, intricate yet minimal, as were the shots in this editorial. It’s a shoe that can be worn by anyone, regardless of fashion sense yet still can be appreciated by the most serious of sneakerheads.

The purpose of Makeshift Design Club is simple: to create with no boundaries, no limits. Holding nothing back. Spontaneous and fearless art direction. At times things don’t make sense, but the good thing is they never needed to. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience being given full creative control over the release of this wonderful boot. – Tayo Jr. 

Follow Tayo Jr & The MakeShift Club on IG at @TayoJr@makeshiftdesignclub.

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November 30, 2017

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