Lose Your Mind | Black Friday

Name: Anthony “Munch” Steele

Position: VILLA Field Marketing Manager

IG: @munch215


It’s one of the best times of the year for the sneaker world. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone special, you can’t escape the hectic frenzy known as Black Friday– the shopping extravaganza where sales match your bank account. Imagine eating a large meal on Thanksgiving, then going shopping that same night only to be trampled on by other insane customers.

You might be asking yourself, what is it about Black Friday that makes people lose their minds? We went shopping with our Field Marketing Manager and sneaker-enthusiast, Munch, as he gave some sound advice on the proper black Friday etiquette and why you might lose your mind this year! Wait until you see our deals!!!

Why do people tend to lose their minds during Black Friday sales?

People tend to lose their minds during Black Friday just because of all the crazy exciting deals that they can find during the black Friday shopping time. Black Friday is one of the most looked forward to shopping days every year…especially for me (laugh out loud).

What is it about the sneaker culture that makes people go a little insane?

As far as sneaker culture and Black Friday go, man, you can find all types of steals (deals) on good past releases! There is always an exclusive drop on Black Friday or two days before from different brands. Last year, adidas and VILLA owned Black Friday in my opinion – VILLA released a new hot exclusive every day of the week leading up to black Friday. Some of the shoes included VILLA x Naturel Converse, VILLA x Reebok Exclusive Question “Liberty Bell”, VILLA x New Balance “Boat House Row” and the VILLA x Timberland “First Frost” 6-inch Premium Boot. We even offered the adidas Yeezy 350 V2 (Black/Red-Black-Copper) and (Black/Green).

Can you give some advice to people shopping this Black Friday? The do’s and don’ts. 

(Laugh) Funny you’d ask. My advice would be to get to whatever store you want to shop at extremely early so you can beat the traffic and lines. Also, go for exactly what you want first and then shop around for additional pieces.

Name top 5 VILLA must-haves this Black Friday.

VILLA Top 5’s:  First you have to go get the VILLA | Timberland “Steak & Greens” 6inch Field Boots and the VILLA |Timberland “Cornbread” Brogue boots. Those two are first for sure. Timbs, also known in Philly as “Buttas.” So, cop your “Buttas” before that brick weather hits. Also the Jordan 11 “Heiress Sting Ray” for the people with small feet. (I’m actually mad I can’t get them). Lastly, grab the new colorway of the Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 “Beluga 2.0″ dropping Black Friday weekend. The colorway is CRAZY!

Food for thought:

Careful out there this year. When you see these deals, you might lose your mind too.

Head over to RUVilla.com for your Black Friday shopping experience!

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November 16, 2017


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