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Will dedicates his time, energy and passion into providing creative services for young entrepreneurs through his company at REC Philly. Being a young innovator himself, Will draws inspiration from the captivation of other creatives around him. He talks to us about the importance of having a creative mind, the process of production and how he hopes to continue creating a space for like-minded individuals to explore their own power and intellect.

We followed along with the young entrepreneur as he showed us some of his day-to-day routine and everyday inspirations. Some of those activities included smoothies and a community garden, so no complaints from us.

You have become such a visionary in your craft, it’s inspiring to watch. What draws your inspiration into achieving your passion?

I think there is so much joy in creating something special that hasn’t been done before. My inspiration comes from knowing that the great things that surround us were created by people that are no smarter than us. So, if there’s problems out there that we have, it’s not unfathomable to find the solution to those problems. With the Rec Philly business model that we’re trying to create, it exists in other industries. For example, if we want to get fit, we know exactly where to go to get access to those machines and there are people to help us strategize. In the creative world, record labels used to do that. But with the internet, we have access to everything at our fingertips. With this space [REC Philly] we have everything we need to create and build. So, seeing the impact that it brought to the careers and the people, that inspires me to keep going and growing.

We live in a society where self-expression is starting to become more and more of a social “norm.” But there are still so many obstacles we face in trying to be true to ourselves. Why is it so important for young people to be creative and self-expressive?

To be real, this system isn’t set up for us to win, so we have to  be creative enough to find our own ways to be successful. Young people have to have the self-confidence in themselves to do things that are different. The system isn’t always set up for people like us to be successful. We have to always be scrappy, to take ownership over our talents and to make sure we put things into the world and get that feedback. Anything you want to achieve, you can create that as long as you put yourself in the position to do that. You also have to make the sacrifices to do so, and that all starts from being creative and making small things to put into the world.

In this business, you see so much success and creation come through those doors. When your friends and colleagues succeed, how does that make you feel knowing you were a helping hand in providing the necessary tools?

One of the best feelings working with so many creatives is witnessing someone at an early level transition on to do bigger and better things. Our goal here is to create this community for creative people that can build businesses and can do things they’re own way. When someone reaches a higher level of success, that’s dope! Now we have those connections for any ventures down the road. It’s a good feeling to create on a higher level. I think we’re all chasing a personal development and trying to be the best versions of ourselves. And if you’re trying to do that for yourself, I think you’re truly going to see other people win. There’s no better feeling than seeing someone have a vision for something and then be able to access realize that.


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September 5, 2017

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