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What draws your inspiration? Welcome to our Drawing Board, the creative space for creative minds. A virtual classroom where we discuss inspiration, passion, creativity and the great things that captivate us on a daily basis.

Whether you’re an artist or a business person, you should find the passion for your craft. The effort that wakes you up in the morning should derive from the process of creativity, motivation and inspiration. Our 2017 campaign focuses on the things that drive us to do what we love. From art to politics, storytelling to authenticity, our #WhatsYourDraw campaign gets you inspired by the causes that are prompting you to achieve your goals.

During this series, we spotlight five innovative individuals through their creative journey from beginning to current. This month, we got a first class seat as we followed those specific creatives around the community for the day while they showed us what inspirations prompts them to dream big. Scroll on to meet the five young movers and shakers who are inspiring us right now.

Will Tom, Entrepreneur & Co-founder of REC Philly

Will dedicates his time, energy and passion into providing creative services for young entrepreneurs through his company at REC Philly. Being a young innovator himself, Will draws inspiration from the captivation of other creatives around him. He talks to us about the importance of having a creative mind, the process of production and how he hopes to continue creating a space for like-minded individuals to explore their own power and intellect. And we’re not just saying this. Read about REC Philly on Yes, you read correctly. FORBES!

We followed along with the young entrepreneur as he showed us some of his day-to-day routine and everyday inspirations. Some of those activities included smoothies and a community garden, so no complaints from us.

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Frenchie, Hip-Hop & Contemporary Dancer

Frenchie is a choreographer and hip-hop/contemporary performer whose work gives marginalized youth visibility and a voice. When she’s not gracing the city of Philadelphia with her amazing moves, she mentors and leads the youth in structured hip-hop classes. Her dance classes provide a safe haven for young adults to express their creativity and shakes them out of their shell (literally). We talked to Frenchie about her impact in the community and what it’s like to remain her authentic self in light of various pressures women face today.


Aaron Ricketts, Lifestyle Photographer 

Aaron Ricketts finds self-expression and individualism in photography. The futuristic-style photographer describes his work as a mix of modernism and minimalist with a monochromatic color scheme. His passion for his craft allows him to see things from a deeper, more complex perspective. That vision is then translated to beautiful artwork, solidifying a unique moment in time on camera. Fortunate for us, we got to witness the creative genius in his element as we strolled through the city of Philadelphia.

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September 5, 2017

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