NBA Starter Jackets

History proves that there was no greater allegiance in street fashion than a Starter Jacket.

VILLA and Starter team up for another round of an exclusive collection of satin jackets this fall/winter season. This collection features exclusionary designs that honor significant moments in NBA history. A classic Starter satin body with the teams’ trademark colors, this standard outerwear has always capsulated the popularity of NBA fashion. Rep your team, your personal style and the moments that we will never forget!

All-Stars West Starter Jacket

Relive one of the greatest moments in NBA All-Star history with this exclusive Starter jacket. The amazing 1998 gamesmanship occurred between two legends, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, proving to the world that great talent can both coexist peacefully and still dominate the court.

Kobe earned a starting spot for the Western Conference, donning the bright red jersey that was inspired by the design of the Starter Jacket and laced up nicely with the ‘True Blue’ Air Jordan 3. In celebration of Jordan’s final NBA All-Star Game, Kobe flirted in the 3’s with a triple double scoring 22 points, grabbing seven rebounds and dishing out six assists. Sure, the traditional All-Star Games are showing off high-flying dunks, no look passes and killer crossovers, but the real athleticism is getting to showcase your style off the court.

76ers Starter Jacket

Allen Iverson will forever be known for his ankle-breaking basketball moves and his game-changing style on the court. Starter decided to usher in the Allen Iverson Era of great Philadelphia 76ers NBA jerseys. This satin jacket resembles one of the team’s most popular ever-changing jerseys that was introduced during the late 90s. The Sixers unveiled this look as the first modernized styles since becoming a team in August 1963. In keeping with the tradition, this Starter features the red and blue, trimmed in red and gold with the word ‘SIXERS’, dotted with a star, embroidered on the front with white letters. AI’s rebellious move led to the NBA embracing bold hip-hop style and created diverse style for all athletes.

 Cleveland Cavaliers Starter Jacket

Lebron made a promise and this year he made good on that promise bringing home the NBA Championship to his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hold that memory and rep your team with a Cleveland twist on the classic Starter Satin Jacket!

Sixers and Cavs jackets also available in Womens.

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November 20, 2016


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