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Villa and Timberland | First in the Field

Everybody wants to be first. ‘First In The Field’ was created to inspire people to be first in whatever they do and strive to be the best.

To dominate a conversation about pursuit for a greater level of success, VILLA partnered with Timberland in the “First In Their Field” campaign. Our ambassadors, which included ingenious artists in the entertainment industry, have such an innovative appeal that drives their followers in, while exemplifying an immense amount of a prosperity making them destined for greatness. The “First In Their Field” campaign was all about ascending to the top in whatever you chose to focus your vision on and owning that craft. We wanted to focus on more than having commercial success, but rather representing raw talent and always keeping in mind who the clear winner is—you! So, as this campaign resonated with the here and now artists that are so vigorously changing the game, we wanted to span this message across to everyone so we all take that step in being first in our field.

Our campaign ambassadors included a variety of trailblazing artists from the entertainment industry, including Dave East, Mack Wilds, DJ Bobby Trends, Buda (from producer duo Buda and Grandz), Neef Buck, Millyz, and Charlie Heat.

Jakaila Mustafa

Jakaila is the Editor-in-Chief for the DTLR VILLA "The Lifestyle" blog. She received her Bachelor of Arts in advertising from Temple University.

September 23, 2016

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